Your Feedback!

The DAS Board commits to openness and transparency in the management and further development of the specifications. As such we aim to set up multiple means for the general archiving community to contribute and provide feedback. 

E-mail and mailing lists

We welcome feedback on the DAS Board or any of the specifications at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Further we aim to set up a general purpose mailing list by the end of February 2017 for sharing the latest news, announcing specific feedback cycles etc. 

Feedback on GitHub

Technical issues can also be reported on the DAS Board GitHub site at This site serves also as a technical discussion wiki and the location for additional technical documentation (proposed draft specifications, Information Package examples etc). Note that the site is currently being set up and gradually filled with resources until summer 2017.

Specification Working Groups

In case you have in depth interest in contributing to one of the DAS Board specifications you will have the possibility to join Specification Working Groups, which are dedicated to providing hands-on work on preparing next versions of the specifications and discussing update proposals. More details about the working groups and information about joining will be available in May 2017. 

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