The specifications maintained by the DAS Board fall broadly into three categories: 

  • The Common Specification for Information Packages
  • The E-ARK SIP, E-ARK AIP and E-ARK DIP Specifications
  • The Content Information Type Specifications SMURF and SIARD (in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Archives). 

The Common Specification provides the overall requirements which need to be met across all Information Packages (E-ARK SIP, E-ARK AIP or E-ARK DIP). Most crucially the Common Specification defines a common structure and core metadata requirements for any Information Packages. In other words: the Common Specification defines the most crucial and generic Information Package interoperability aspects.

The E-ARK SIP, AIP and DIP build on the requirements posed in the Common Specification but extend it with additional requirements coming from the appropriate processes (preparing and transferring digital content; long-term preservation; and access). 

Further, any SIP, AIP or DIP can hold content in one or many different formats (e.g database, geodata, 3D model). To allow for in-depth, content level, interoperability the content might be formatted according to a Content Information Type Specification (see Content Information Types for further information). 


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